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I am Quilty Joyce.  I live in Bay City, Michigan, with my husband, Tim, who is an avid fisherman and all-around good guy.  He supports my creative efforts and there is no way I could be everything I am without him.  I am also a mom, a step-mom, a grandma, a student, and (most of all) a quilter.  I have dabbled in  many different forms of crafting, from crocheting and knitting, to painting, music (playing, singing, and conducting), to graphics, and a lot of other types of craftiness.  I have always been drawn, however, to quilting, with its rich colors, patterns, designs, and the opportunity it affords me to express myself.  Come and journey with me into this world of quilting, where we will explore it from every angle:  design, equipment, tools, and everything in between.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful artform with me.  Come on in!


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Sounds to me like you found your calling. Your interests are very similar to what my wife does. She is quite crafty too and I have awakened coughing up fur balls of yarn. Lol I will have to share your blog with my wife because she would love it.


    1. Coughing up yarn balls doesn’t sound too bad, as long as your wife doesn’t try to feed you petroleum jelly to keep the “fur balls” manageable for you! I’d be interested in hearing what she thinks of my blog, too.


    1. Rachel, there is no time like the present to learn! Find someone who does what you want and try to either watch them, or sit with them and learn side-by-side. I learned to crochet by watching my aunt do it; she was an incredibly prolific crocheter. She bought me my first hook and skein of yarn, and I still have that pink, metal, size “I” hook and use it every so often.


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